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To transform the traditional Franchise Development value proposition that owning a franchised business is a safer path to entrepreneurship. Instead, we value franchising not only as a chance to develop an income stream separate from the traditional employer-employee relationship, but more fundamentally, as an opportunity to develop skills through repeated interaction with peers and franchise coaching support. In a nutshell, franchising, at its most effective, harnesses the power of networks and fosters human development through entrepreneurship. 


Last-century franchise recruitment focuses on the candidate's ability to fund the start-up rather than the fitness between the future business owner and the franchise system. This results in a high failure rate, similar to that of independently owned businesses. A franchise system that does not offer added value in the form of human and professional development does not usually justify the trade-off for the average employment opportunity

Where value truly lies

Franchising done well allows franchise owners to build equity in assets that can be traded at the end of the initial agreement or when the business owner is ready to move on. 

Another major advantage of trading the average corporate job to franchising is the possibility of building a network of peers that support and develop each other with the assistance of a well trained coaching team. 

A good franchise system provides the budding entrepreneur with tools, systems, training, etc that save countless hours of experimentation to find the right business formula. 

Lastly, new franchise models are emerging a truly educational opportunities where real life skills are tested from day one and personal development 


  • To help customers find the right business opportunity that allows them to build valuable assets and the invaluable opportunity to develop new skills and a powerful network of peers. 
  • To incentivize franchise brands to evolve into performance development ecosystems where franchisees engage in sustainable  journeys to success.
  • To shape part of the franchise system into academic and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people, adding a third path to develop skills and income other than college and trade schools. 

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